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1639Page School Activities at Crown Tournament

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  • David Roland
    Oct 18, 2007
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      Please find below a posting from Middle Bridge.

      "Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 14:24:51 -0400
      From: Karoline Kramer Gould <karoline@...>
      Subject: [Mid] Page School activities at Crown Tourney


      We have a few activities planned for the Page School Program at
      Crown Tourney this Saturday.

      We will be running the Page for a Day program at the event. To hire
      a page, simply stop by the table we will have setup near Youth

      to fill out the simple form. This is a great way to utilize the pages
      in our fair Kingdom and give them a chance to earn credits towards
      Page School.

      We will also be signing up youth interested in becoming a part of
      the Page School program, as well as answering any questions anyone
      may have about the Middle Kingdom Page School.

      For more information on the Page for a Day program, please head over


      There you will find suggestions and guidelines if you are interested
      in hiring a page for a day (or even for a few hours).

      For those interested in hiring pages, or those pages interested in
      working, or if you have questions about the Page program, please
      contact Zsof at zsofsky@... or by phone at 330-926-0908
      (before 10pm, please).

      In Service,
      THL Tyzes Sofia called Zsof
      Middle Kingdom Page School Dean'