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1637OT: Micel Folcland Bids You Come to Hearth Night

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  • Folo Watkins
    Oct 17, 2007
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      Micel Folcland will be having Hearh Night II on the weekend of 26-28
      October, in Forest Glen County Preserve near Westville, Illinois (on
      the Illinois-Indiana border). We will be practicing and doing
      training for a number of activities: Combat and Drill, Cooking,
      Dyeing with natural dyes, firemaking with flint and steel and much
      more. there will be videos, photos and movies. No costume is
      required, and it is free. The site has a log cabin that we may use
      for sleeping, and free camping--no period tent required--is
      available as well. It has electricity as well, and flushies &
      showers are available nearby. Forest Glen is a beautiful site, and
      there are plenty of trails and vistas even if you are not interested
      in dark Age recreation. Accurate meals are being offered for lunches
      both days, but reservations are recommended.

      Persons wishing to participate in combat and drill should bring
      gloves (preferably leather). If you want to bring armor, feel free to
      bring gambesons or mail. No close-face helms or other SCA-centric
      armor. Loose-fitting clothes are advised, and bring turnsoles if you have them.

      More information is available at

      Hope to see you there.

      Cheers, Folo