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1597Re: [Ayreton] Upcoming All Soul's Event....Two Important Items

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  • elenofbirchbrae
    Sep 25, 2007
      Since the kitchen is covered, please sign me up to bring
      baked goods.
      YIS, Elen of Birchbrae

      > Greetings to all--
      > I have two important announcements about the upcoming All
      > Soul's Event.
      > 1) We will again be having a bake sale to benefit the
      > late Aldred of Ascalon's Children's Education Fund. I am
      > coordinating this this year, with the gracious help of Her
      > Excellency Keiley's help (sorry, I think I totally
      > slaughtered that spelling). Last year, we raised $400 for
      > the fund, which was incredible.
      > I am looking for baking volunteers. I'm not fussy about
      > what you bring, just that it be in packaging that is
      > convenient to sell and others to take away. Please
      > privately email me to let me know you are bringing
      > something before I start begging people.
      > 2) Yes, Master Cerian was correct in his preview of our
      > event. TRM Palymar and Aislinn WILL be in attendance. I
      > confirmed this with Duke Felix, Their Chamberlain, last
      > night.
      > In accordance with this, I would like to remind people
      > that anyone can put someone in for an award recommendation
      > , and that people should certainly be doing that for this
      > event ASAP. Please try to make certain that the gentle
      > you are recommending for an award is planning on attending
      > the event you say they are. Emergencies and life happen,
      > but it certainly is more fun for all if the person is
      > there to get their award from the Royalty's own hand.
      > Thanks for any and all help,
      > Acelina
      > Class and bake sale coordinator
      > __________________________________________________________
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      > better relationship answers from someone who knows. Yahoo!
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