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1526Re: Groups Transition Discussion

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  • auldefarte
    Sep 18, 2007
      Apologies to the list:


      Its really sad that I must respond to this, since I'm really getting
      tired of having to defend or explain myself (and my very presence) to
      you. In short: I'm back. Please find a way to get over it.

      I've already had a private e-mail exchange with with Merrill about
      this, explaining that my comments on the Ayreton list were not meant
      as a personal attack in any way, and received a pleasant response.
      And had you read the actual posted comments, you'd see I also
      indicated that I perceived no malice on Merrill's part in any way.

      Perhaps you might check with her before looking for fault where there
      is none.

      -- Grimkirk

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Scrip" <tomscrip@...> wrote:
      > We all know that there are more people on the book's then show up
      > for a TGS meeting. Most of them play with other groups in the area,
      > Groups that have there own opinion about a Barony in this area and
      > how it should be formed. IF they are putting in their two cents in
      > the another group why do they have to put it in aging over here? (I
      > know it's the Chicago way to vote early and offen)
      > The suggestion that Nadezda is trying to hide a out come of a poll,
      > vote, or a question brought forth to the group (or what ever you
      > want to call it) When a simpel subtraction would tell you the
      > answere (I may not know how to spell but I can count). Is a kin to
      > questioning her honor. And besides me, I'm sure that there are a
      > few our Brothers that would also stand to defend it.
      > Aethelwulf of Dover
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