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1490Re: [Ayreton] Re: Groups Transition Discussion

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  • Philippa of Otterbourne
    Sep 17, 2007
      On 9/17/07, Drew Nicholson <drewishdrewid@...> wrote:
      On 9/17/07, Scribesquire@... < Scribesquire@...> wrote:
      > Everyone is entitled to thier opinion. However, I woudld suggest that everyone read thier email before sending it.  If you think it could even vaguely be taken as insulting, reword it or do not send it.
      > Any spirit of cooperation will lose ground if insults or rudeness begin clogging up everyones inbox.

      >Truth does not take a backseat to politeness.
      I agree truth is important but it can be conveyed tactfully and politely without taking a backseat.  Perhaps your intention wasn't to be insulting but it wasn't perceived as such by me and apparently others.  I do hope we don't actually find out when your intent IS to insult if your recent response was not meant to.

      There are people opposed to this idea.  Cooperation is not necessarily
      their goal.  Opposition is.  If I intend an email to be insulting --
      and this one was clearly not -- you would know it.
      I think there is alot of support for this idea, as well as opposition.  I think everyone is well aware that the groups would have to be officially polled in order to become a barony.  My understanding is that these votes being done at the groups business meetings are just a way to determine if there is enough support to move forward or not.  If the TGS vote was taken at at time when only 20 people could be there (which sounds like a good turnout for most business meetings although I'm involved with a smaller group) then either the official polling will show the lack of support or perhaps you might want to consider a group poll through email?
      I just think by turning on each other, we serve no purpose to either derail the process or continue it.  It merely creates dissention among members and indicates that despite recent measures we really can't even try to work together. 
      Again, if the individual groups decide to proceed with the idea of a Barony, it's not going to happen if there is enough opposition at the time of official polling.  However, we won't get anywhere without proceeding to that stage.  We'll remain in limbo with the idea of a barony popping up every few years. At least if groups decide to proceed, we can either end the idea based on the polling indicating there's not enough support or by going forward because there is enough.
      We can still accomplish things (opposition and support) by not turning it personal. 
      Philippa of Otterbourne
      Chatelaine, Shire of Rokkehealden

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