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  • grimkirk
    Sep 17, 2007
      With Henry's recent sound advice in mind, and noting that this
      response has been in progress prior to the last few posts:

      Nadezda wrote on July 19th:
      "Of 18 attendees, 15 were willing to make the shift to a Canton to
      promote regional unity. Another 2 weighed in as being in favor by
      proxy, and one more abstained."

      Yes, I read Nadezda's post as well, yet I fail to see your point.
      While there are a few discrepancies with those numbers (undocumented
      dissent), and I was not in attendance, so there does not seem to be
      enough to change their general indication at this time. Regardless,
      your perception that the group was overwhelmingly in favor of being
      demoted to Canton hardly negates my opinion or historical
      observations. I suggest (as does Lord Andrew) that the opinions of
      those present were simply a sample of the mood du jour of those who
      were present; hardly authoritative. Or does everyone actually think
      that TGS only has a population of 18-20 people. Or that those who
      were not in attendance have no opinion (or are not entitled to
      express it)? For a group ostensibly the size of a Province, I'd think
      even the Kingdom would find such numbers suspect. And trust me, they
      will look deeper.

      You are invited to counter dissent with well reasoned argument.
      However, I strongly suggest you not discount dissent on suspect
      numbers alone (even if they are in the minority), lest some get it
      into their heads that the SCA is something resembling a democracy. It
      is not. The SCA's storied existance indicates that such dissent can
      be sufficient to derail even the most well intentioned of endeavors.
      And being blinded by entusiasm over EARLY 'test results' will
      certainly prove a more effective foil than any argument I can make.

      However, as you can see from Nadezda's numbers, there is nothing
      indicating any 'dissent', which is why I'm sure you interpreted them
      as 'overwhelming'. For the record, Nadezda informed me just last
      night that had I been present at that meeting, I would not have been
      alone in my dissent. Also, 'willing to shift' is hardly 'in favor
      of'. I'm guessing, but I suspect Nadezda most likely felt it was only
      important to communicate the general outcome (a relatively harmless
      oversight). Clearly I disagree, as it would seem equally important
      for the degree of dissention to be made known as well. Of course,
      your personal mileage may vary. However, I'm sure the Kingdom will
      want to know those numbers as well, should this endeavor even get
      that far.

      And none of this really counters anything I said previously. It is
      simply my wish to permit everyone to make more informed decisions
      when the time comes.

      -- Grimkirk ap Greymoor
      Province of Tre-Girt-Sea

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, "David Roland" <mystborne@...> wrote:
      > The Province of TGS voted and Announced themselves to be
      > overwhelmingly in favor of transitioning themselves to Canton
      > status in favor of an overarching Barony that would include many
      > groups of Ayreton. I believe the vote was announced 15 for and
      > 2 against. The archives certainly have the announcement in them
      > if you and others wish to locate the announcement.
      > Ian the Green
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