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  • David Roland
    Sep 17, 2007

      I am still the Ayreton Towne Cryer, and I have a deputy, please make
      sure to have your facts correct.

      The official vote for the Province was taken at a TGS business
      meeting and the Seneschal posted the results of same.

      Message can be found at:


      The body of the message is:

      "As was suggested during the town meeting at Border Skirmish,
      Tree-Girt-Sea discussed the aspect of what an shell barony would mean
      to us during our recent moot. As was pointed out during the town
      meeting, being a Province currently, Tree-Girt-Sea would be most
      impacted by a status change. Of 18 attendees, 15 were willing to make
      the shift to a Canton to promote regional unity. Another 2 weighed in
      as being in favor by proxy, and one more abstained.

      TGS Seneschal"

      It is and was my understanding that this was and is an official vote
      conducted as official business of the Province of Tree Girt Sea and
      I have done nothing more than report same. I do know that this
      meeting and the discussion of the meeting was published well in
      advance through the normal means of doing so in the Province and so
      everyone who wished to be aware of the meeting was. Those who chose
      to attend did. It is this post that I was refering to and
      referencing as official business already announced on the list by
      the Provinve of Tree Girt Sea's Seneschal. Not personal opinion.

      The polling will reveal what the polling will reveal should the area
      get to the point of polling. No chickens were counted before they
      were hatched by myself.

      As the Ayreton Towne Cryer I try very hard to maintain my personal
      opinion as seperate from my work as the Ayreton Towne Cryer. In
      that position a "favorable opinion voiced" is one that is respectful
      of all on the list including the person directly addressed, phased
      thoughtfully and when discussing facts can cite the source and
      quotes them correctly.

      Further, Purple, you are making a personal attack and as such are
      violating the rules of this list. In this case the attack is on
      myself one of the owners and moderators of the list by directly
      calling me a liar and putting words in others mouths because I
      simply reported a fact.

      As I am intimately involved with this violation of the rules, and in
      an effort to maintain my neutrality as the Ayreton Towne Cryer, one
      of the owners and moderators of this list, I shall be handing off
      the decision of how to handle this infraction to the other
      moderators/owners of this list.

      Ian the Green
      Ayreton Towne Cryer

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, "Drew Nicholson" <drewishdrewid@...>
      > On 9/17/07, David Roland <mystborne@...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > The Province of TGS voted and Announced themselves to be
      > > overwhelmingly in favor of transitioning themselves to Canton
      > > in favor of an overarching Barony that would include many
      groups of
      > > Ayreton. I believe the vote was announced 15 for and 2 against.
      > > The archives certainly have the announcement in them if you and
      > > others wish to locate the announcement.
      > >
      > > Ian the Green
      > This is simply not true. and you should stop pushing this story.
      > In fact, it was only members of the Province of Tree Girt Sea who
      > PRESENT at the meeting -- less than 20 people -- voted. By far,
      > VAST majority of the Province who were not present did not vote,
      > you may therefore NOT attribute favorable opinions to them.
      > In any transition, the entire population of the Province would be
      > officially polled, and there could possibly even be a viability
      > threshold required to meet before any votes in favor or against
      > even be counted.
      > Do not put words into other people's mouths, and do not count your
      > chickens before they are hatched. You did it before you stepped
      > as "Areyton Cryer" and you're doing it now.
      > A
      > --
      > Qui Tacet Consentit
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