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1487Re: [Ayreton] Re: Groups Transition Discussion

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  • Drew Nicholson
    Sep 17, 2007
      On 9/17/07, Scribesquire@... <Scribesquire@...> wrote:
      > Everyone is entitled to thier opinion. However, I woudld suggest that everyone read thier email before sending it. If you think it could even vaguely be taken as insulting, reword it or do not send it.
      > Any spirit of cooperation will lose ground if insults or rudeness begin clogging up everyones inbox.

      Truth does not take a backseat to politeness.

      There are people opposed to this idea. Cooperation is not necessarily
      their goal. Opposition is. If I intend an email to be insulting --
      and this one was clearly not -- you would know it.

      Qui Tacet Consentit
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