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1485Re: [Ayreton] Re: Groups Transition Discussion

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  • Drew Nicholson
    Sep 17 8:11 AM
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      On 9/17/07, David Roland <mystborne@...> wrote:
      > The Province of TGS voted and Announced themselves to be
      > overwhelmingly in favor of transitioning themselves to Canton status
      > in favor of an overarching Barony that would include many groups of
      > Ayreton. I believe the vote was announced 15 for and 2 against.
      > The archives certainly have the announcement in them if you and
      > others wish to locate the announcement.
      > Ian the Green

      This is simply not true. and you should stop pushing this story.

      In fact, it was only members of the Province of Tree Girt Sea who were
      PRESENT at the meeting -- less than 20 people -- voted. By far, the
      VAST majority of the Province who were not present did not vote, and
      you may therefore NOT attribute favorable opinions to them.

      In any transition, the entire population of the Province would be
      officially polled, and there could possibly even be a viability
      threshold required to meet before any votes in favor or against would
      even be counted.

      Do not put words into other people's mouths, and do not count your
      chickens before they are hatched. You did it before you stepped down
      as "Areyton Cryer" and you're doing it now.

      Qui Tacet Consentit
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