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1450Upcoming Ayreton Events... and Towne Hall Meetings

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  • Ayreton Towne Cryer
    Sep 3, 2007
      Greetings unto the populace of the fair lands of Ayreton!
      As the mild breezes of late summer bring the touch of Autumn with them, we turn our thoughts to the harvest season soon upon us. 
      We have two upcoming Ayreton events in the near future.  Let us support these groups with enthusiastic and abundant attendance!
      Also, we will be having Ayreton Towne Hall meetings at both of these events.  As per our custom, the Towne Hall meetings will be held in the late afternoon, before feast or court.  Here are the agendas so far for these meetings -- please let us know if you have additional topics you would like to bring for discussion.
      Sept 22 --  Fox Hunt, in the Shire of Foxvale.
      • The next Ayreton Carnivale -- how, when, where
      • Other Ayreton events to consider and plan
      November 3 --  All Souls, in the Shire of Vanished Woods.
      • Shell Barony discussion
      • Additional event planning
      Please come to the Towne Hall meetings and let your voice be heard! 
      Yours in service,
      -- Gianetta, Deputy Towne Cryer

      This is an e-mail announcement from the Ayreton Towne Cryer. If you wish to have an activity, demo, event or other type of SCA get together announced feel free to contact me and request an announcement be made. After all the more people playing nice together, the more fun it is for everyone! Corrections can also be made but only if you help me find them.

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