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1446A Request for patterns fo shire badges for an embroidry project

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  • ladyscribe07
    Sep 3, 2007
      Dear Gentles,

      I am in the process of completing an embroidery project and wish to
      add the following shire's badges to the project:

      Vanished Woods
      Grey Gargoyles
      Carraig Ban
      Dark River
      Baile Na Scolairi
      Wurm Wald
      St. Carol on the Moor
      Shattered Crystal (already have what I need)
      Far Reaches

      I am doing a pillow with the Midrealm Badge on it and wish to add the
      Shires that are under the Midlands only, sorry.

      I wish I could include everyone but do not have the space to do so.
      If you have any copies of your groups badge, and if possible in
      pattrn form for Cross Stitch specifically, great. However, I will
      take what I can get. This will be a gift for the Regalia.

      In Service,

      Lady Eleanor Ravenild