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1443RE: [vanished_wood] sept 22nd cub scout demo request

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  • Melissa Gordon
    Aug 29, 2007
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      Runa and I will not be able to attend. One of my best friends is getting married.
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      From: michael A
      Sent: 8/29/2007 1:45:31 PM
      Subject: [vanished_wood] sept 22nd cub scout demo request


      Ive received a request for the sca to do a demo for a
      cubscout picnic in itasca on sat sept 22nd in the
      afternoon, some time between 12-3, which we can set.
      They are looking for both combat entertainment and
      educational parts to the presentation.

      If you can make it please email me and let me know
      asap so i can see if we can do it.
      demo cord. for vanished wood

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