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1394Re: [Ayreton] The war and such

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  • spdesroches@att.net
    Aug 16, 2007

      From the Lord Mayor


      I hope all of you who attended Pennsic have had a reasonably good time, arrived safely back home, and have dried out. Laundry done? Or maybe just burned it? Anyway, during my time there, I had many fine citizens volunteer for the important posts in our Town's administration. Here's the list so far:


      Town Cackler: Talib of the Grey Gargoyles

      Town Mead Tester and Taxation Assessor: Johannes Machiavelli

      Town Pillager: Bojei Temur

      Town (Single) Malt Monger: Cunradus

      Town Bouncer: Sir Killian Fendrich

      Town Falconer (for real!): Theornderyc of the Grey Gargoyles

      Town Vice Mistress: Margherita Alessia (Ghita)

      Boastmaster General: Henry of Exeter

      Chief Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation: Baron Gintaras

      Ministress of Mischief and Mayhem: Emmiken de Waeyern

      Town Rat Catcher: Meytilda 

      (would our Town Rat Releaser please identify herself here)


      The Creator: Christian Fournier

      The Oracle: Jale bint ...y'know, Wendy! 


      The appointment of "jobs" is still open here, first come, first to line their pockets, er, I mean first served.


      Your Lord Mayor



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