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1381Re: [Ayreton] General Question

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  • Marie Schorn
    Aug 13, 2007
      Hi Ellen,
      Could it be either the Baron's Noise (Robyyans group - mainly based out of Chicago - they have a lot of recorders in the group) or Music Subterranea .  Francesca loves Italy and I think is from Bloomington.  Please excuse any mispelling of names.  I just got back from Pennsic and I think my brain is still there.

      ladyscribe07 <ladyscribe07@...> wrote:

      I am trying to remember the Music Group that played at 12th Night in
      TGS and cannot remember their name. I was at a party of theirs in
      Bloomington in the Spring (forget which event, darn.)

      I understand they have a website. I know about Magnitune.com but
      can't for the life of me remember the name of the group.

      Please forward any info as I would like to get their music. The lady
      who a part of it, likes Italy a lot.


      lady Eleanor

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