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1370Re: [Ayreton] Leather work

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  • John Railing
    Aug 6, 2007
      Greetings Chris...

      >Does anyone know a good source for leather and leather working tools?

      Well....you have your Tandy Leather
      http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/ which has a store in Elgin. They
      are the traditional source for SCA people but they do not always have
      the lowest prices.

      Online there is Brettuns Village Leather
      http://www.brettunsvillage.com/leather/ has some tools and large
      amounts of inexpensive leather. He knows SCA people and the pictures
      on his site are well worth browsing. He also has a newsletter that is
      very funny which he publishes every now and then. Brettuns also has a
      web site for refurbishing old chests or making them.

      For tools and hardware, I have purchased from Sartan's hardware site
      http://www.saroftreve.com/hardware/whindex.shtml. He has good tools
      and prices. He also has a working with leather site that has good
      information about working with leather. You may not be interested in
      the projects he has or some of his other sites, but if you only need
      a few of something and can't get to a retail store, he probably has

      If you can get to Indianapolis during a weekday or Saturday morning,
      try Landwerlen Leather Co., 365 S. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN
      46225, 317-636-8300. It is across Illinois Street from the Greyhound
      Bus station and just south of the tracks south of Union Station. This
      is what a leather supplier store was like long long ago. They have
      everything from scrap leather by the bin to professional
      leatherworking machines including sewing machines. They cater to shoe
      stores as well as craftsmen. They do not have a web site. This is
      where I have bought most of my leather and some of my tools and

      I know there are many other places, especially online, but these are
      the ones I know of or have bought from.

      John Malkin aMalkin

      John Railing aka Malkin
      1041 Nerge Rd., Apt. 104 * Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 * 812-320-1447
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