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136This July 16, 2006, Finding Fabris and at times the Cinquedea

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  • Leopoldo Lastre
    Jul 14, 2006
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      Talib's Grey Gargoyles Report on Sunday, July 9, 2006
      No Book Reading
      Attended Warriors and Warlords XIII
      with Camp Redhead
      Fought duel at dawn at 4:30PM SCA Time & four dead bodies resulted in the
      Bardic Circle. The Spaniard, a Man at Arms?, and a Gypsy and I.
      Had amazing coffee, tea, ambrosia, baklava, and dark chocolate.
      Ask me about the unscarfed tourney & the frogs personally.

      Sunday, July 16, 2006, at 1PM (or at least 2PM), Read or fight with me.
      Even if I make a punt trip to a swimming hole in the morning, I will make
      afternoon practice. Call me or contact me offline should you wish to
      discuss or meet at any other time or just to discuss the material. Cinquedea
      rocks! I have two for ³discussion.²

      Open Invite:
      As always, anyone is invited to join the discussion at any point. Please
      just read up to page 31.

      The Art of Dueling: 17th Century Rapier
      as Taught by Salvatore Fabris
      by Tomasso Leoni
      Some articles & a WWW site for fun:

      Current Place in the Text:
      Seems we¹re all read up to page 31, and it is plenty.
      Compiling respectable notes from the cinquedea class for review.

      Leopoldo ³Getting Pennsic Shakes² Talib

      Leopoldo Lastre
      3818 West West End
      Chicago, Illinois 60624
      773-638-6797 Telephone