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1353Re: [Ayreton] Attention job seekers

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  • spdesroches@att.net
    Jul 24, 2007

      Greetings Ayreton-ites!


      Your Lord Mayor wishes unto everyone who will be going to Pennsic a terrific time, with best wishes to all of your endeavors, earning your war points in the arts martial, A&S, shopping or just partying. I will be arriving the second Saturday, and encamped with my fellows of House Raeburn at N-16 just two blocks up from the end of the merchant's area. All applicants who wish to seek an "official position" in the great administration of the Towne of Ayreton may see me there, or at anyplace in my travels. The positions of Chief Mischief Maker, Rat Catcher, and Rat Releaser have already been filled, but many more are waiting to be filled or created by those who show "the proper qualifications" (ahhhhem). Negotiations will of course be aided by the applicant's sharing of the proper social lubricants. All will be considered. (hic!) All new job holders will be announced here after my safe and sober return home. Gimme a couple of weeks to dry out, I mean unpack.


      In Service to the Midrealm and Ayreton

      THL Etienne le Couteau des Roches

      Your Lord Mayor