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  • sirkilian@comcast.net
    Jul 17, 2007
      I am sending out this email on behalf of myself and my wife, Jale (Wendy).  She was called back to work tonight and will not be able to lead or teach dancing tonight at the ToH practice tonight.  Since this is late in coming, it is an apology, not a notice.
      For myself, I have been very busy and nursing two sore shoulder's.  I am planing on attending practice this coming Sunday down at Ida Noyes (outside, I hope).  Coming along with me will be Sir Kurn from Trimaris.  Heavy's, if you can attend, he is a great fight and uses Kite techniques well. (for those that want the teaching).  I know some of you will be returning from Simple day, but get out there and practice some more, you'll need the conditioning for Pennsic.
      Hope to see you Sunday,
      Sir Kilian