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1332Passing of Earl Sir Bearengaer hinn Rauthi

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  • ayretontownecryer
    Jul 11, 2007
      Harken to these awful words, wail and rend your garments! Earl Sir
      Bearengaer hinn Rauthi has gone to his ancestors in Valhalla on this
      9th day of July, A.S. XLII. Let all pay heed to to the passing of
      a mighty warrior and a person who enriched the Current Middle Ages.

      Bearengaer had been a member of the SCA for almost 40 years. He was
      the 8th Knight of the Middle Kingdom, the 9th King of the MidRealm
      He was King of the Middle Kingdom for Pennsic 3. He was second
      Prince of Drachenwald. In more recent years, as ill health kept him
      from the list fields, he served the Kingdom of AEthelmearc by
      training new fighters, marshaling, being an MOL and helping Lady
      Leah Janette (the Evil Book Lady) run her book business. For
      several years, he was Grimm's liaison at Pennsic.

      Those wishing to honor him, pray for him or confirm his death should
      present themselves on July 14, in Stormsport (Erie, PA) at the
      Burton Funeral Home, 602 W. 10th St. A reception will follow at the
      home of Viscount Alexander and Viscountess Rannveigr. As he had no
      particular religious affiliation or close mundane relatives to be
      offended, the funeral will have an SCA theme. SCA attendees are
      requested to wear garb. Since "You can't take it with you" is not a
      Viking concept, people may bring mementos to put in the coffin.

      Those who wish crash space or direction should contact Viscount Sir
      Bear the Wallsbane at SyrBear@... or US +1 8144543262 Call .
      Leah Janette (his lady) can be contacted at bear_janet@...
      or US +1 8144510250

      This e-mail may be forwarded to any other SCA list.