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133Anybody from Evanston area going to fighter's practice

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  • Caroline Freitag
    Jul 13, 2006
      Hello Everybody
      An apology in advance for cross posting on all the local lists and clogging up your email.
      I'm just moved to the area (from Northshield) and I'm trying to get into the local fighting scene.  Unfortunately I am vehicle-less and so I am wondering if anyone from the Northside (Evanston area) regularly attends one or both practices (Wed at Sorcha's and Sun at Grey Gargoyles) and is willing to accept a carpooler.  I am, of course, happy to help pay gas costs and the like.  I suppose if anyone knows of a good used car deal, that would solve my problems as well.  Thanks for any help!
      Margret Eisenschild