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1304Re: [Ayreton] Re: Ayreton Event, Symbols and Mayoral Selection

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  • s_krause@mchsi.com
    Jul 9, 2007

      For point of reference, there have been spring crown tourneys in the near past (Bloomington, IN) that used a LARGE tent as the "backup indoor site" for the fighting.


      Pretty risky, honestly, but there is precedent for doing it.


      I tend to agree wtih Christian: 750 is managable with careful planning and communication for parking.


      Suggestion: take a look for the last 10 years at weather on Memorial Day weekend. Historical data is a good guideline for figuring odds.


      Coronation attendance tends to be low anywhere, so I'm not sure that's a good judge (Duke Felix was the last coronation to be held there - quite successfully IMO.)





      -------------- Original message from Christian Fournier <cf@...>: --------------

      I can't imagine Ida Noyes -- or the Midway itself, for that matter -- being able to handle that kind of load -- Spring Crown pulls hundreds of people.  The access issues alone would create havoc.

      I disagree.  As a point of reference, the typical attendance for the University of Chicago Folk Festival (an annual three-day event also held primarily at Ida Noyes) is over 500 (over the course of the weekend; having worked at it a half dozen times, I'm pretty sure they don't get more than 300 or so in Ida Noyes at any one time).  Parking gets tricky, meaning that sometimes people have to park up to 1/2 mile away.  Typically, the Folk Fest holds temporary parking spots available, directly in front of Ida Noyes, for guests to unload equipment (a lot of people bring instruments, and find a spot to jam).  

      Midway Plaisance, or more relevantly the greensward between 59th Street and Midway Plaisance, provides an uninterrupted space approximately 150' x 1300', with much, much more space available by crossing streets.  That green space is a City park, which complicates matters if we want to formally reserve it, but not impossibly so.  Setting up a tent big enough to fight under, though, is a real problem-- so we'd need an indoor alternative sight for the tournament, in case of bad weather (something like the big gym at Crown Pavilion?)  


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