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1301Re: [Ayreton] Ayreton Event, Symbols and Mayoral Selection

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  • Teleri
    Jul 9, 2007
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      I respectfully disagree with the last part of Alexanders statement on the Lord Mayor's office. If we choose to make Ayreton a group with a more formal status within the SCA, it would not be appropriate to keep the remnants of the previous informal structure in competition with a new Baronial structure. However, it may please the Baron/ess to create, and select by whatever means, those Champions, Deputies, Assistants and General Lackeys they choose, one of which could happen to be a Mayor In Charge of Schtick.

      As I have said previously, I very much agree that the official symbols of Aeryton, whatever its status, should follow acceptable rules of heraldry, for all of the good and practical reasons that those rules were developed in the first place.

      Yours in Service,

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      Since it's inception, the Lord Mayor of Ayreton has been a figure of schtick, originally picked by the Rite of Random Chance. (Well, that's what I was told at the time.)
      Anyway, I think the office of Lord Mayor should remain a figure of unifying schtick, and there is no real need for accountability since the idea is to have fun. Certainly the Office of the Lord Mayor (and Lady Mayor) and the Lord/Lady Mayor's Office of Special Events has done great good within the Greater Ayreton Co-Prosperity Sphere. I think that work should continue, and that it need have nothing to do with whether there is a change in the status of the Ayreton geo-political groups.

      If there is to be another Ayreton event, Kingdom event or otherwise, someone has to step up and start the process. When an autocrat makes themself known, then an "official" sponsoring group can chime in (actually, it could be group first, then 'Crat, I suppose). After that, the volunteers would sign up, and we'd be off to send in a bid for a kingdom event, or to hold another "Ayreton" event. Personally, I think more events are better.

      I respectfully suggest that a segmented ring is not an accepted heraldic charge. I submit that there are Heralds out there (You know who I am talking about-those of you who are group Pursuivants or Regional/Kingdom officers, or Heralds-at-Large) who can make learned suggestions instead of guesses, the way I do it.

      Is mise le meas,

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