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  • ayretontownecryer
    Jul 7, 2007
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      Status Dates to Report on Meetings Regarding Advancement

      At the Border Skirmish Towne Meeting it was determined that the next Towne Meeting at an event would be at Vanished Woods Event All Souls on November 3, 2007.  That said, that meeting is to cover the Ayreton Carnival stuff as well as anything else.   We can certainly have meetings at other events prior to that as well as meetings at times other than events as it has been requested.  I shall speak with the Mayor about such dated and we shall try to come up with a series of dates that folks can vote on and whatever date(s) get the most response here on this list we will try to do.

      I will remind everyone that we still have a total of three other things we are hoping to hear from the populace about both here and at the meetings.

           1. The next Ayreton event. Should we have another Carnivale at the same site, or should we offer the site as a Spring Crown Tourney bid, and hold the Carnivale at another location?  Currently the Crown has no viable bid. We need to get cracking on this ASAP.

           2. Ayreton symbols and regalia. Those who attended the meeting saw on the banner the segmented ring. You can also see it on the (fuzzy) photo I posted of my medallion on the Ayreton website. Is this good or shall we try something else? Submit here your ideas and pictures, and in the near post-Pennsic future, we'll vote. There is also the possibility of having an A&S display at the next Carnivale of regalia created with the winning symbol.

           3. Mayoral Selection. In my opinion we should make the process more accountable. Suggestions?

      I will start another message thread so that these can be discussed somewhat seperately though just as publicly.

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