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  • pennsic_ulf
    Jul 6, 2007
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      "When is a realistic date to set for group's to decide if we'd like
      to move forward?"
      With Pennsic coming up fast for those who are going I'm not sure if
      most groups will be able to have a serious continuous discussion
      until after war is over. After the individual groups have had a
      chance to discuss the different options among themselves then the
      different group ideas will need to be form into an Ayreton area
      consensus. This may take some time. Upcoming event where there is
      a chance for people to meet and discuss are:

      August 31-2 - Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense 10 {Ravenslake}
      [Lakemoor, IL]

      September 22- Foxhunt 3 {Foxvale (Rokkehealden)} [Yorkville, IL]

      November 3 - All Soul's Liberate Jerusalem: One Man's Infidel
      is Another Man's Martyr {Vanished Wood} [Elgin, IL]

      In addition to these events would people be interested in picking a
      Saturday or Sunday in September or October when there isn't a local
      event going on and meeting and finding a large open place where
      people can meet to discuss this idea so we don't either over run the
      scheduled programming at an event or cause interested people to miss
      the meeting because of their duties at an event.

      To this effect I feel October 1st is an optimistic date and 12th
      Night in January would be a more realistic date to have the groups
      decisions due by. From there if enough groups are in support then
      we move forward with asking for the official polling process to

      "How many groups do we need to move forward? 4? 5? 6? Is it all or
      This would depend on what form we decide on. The major rule is that
      the land are must be continuous. So if Vanished Wood and Tree-Grit-
      Sea say no that effectively would cut the area in half, while if
      Ravenslake and FoxVale were to opt out the other groups would still
      be connected. Also could depend on hot the vote itself is
      structured if it is set as all the groups have their own polls or is
      it one poll for the entire area with the same outcome for all

      "If the area decides to remain as is, what is the time frame for
      asking the question again?"
      If history holds it would be at least 5 to 10 years before it would
      be tried again.

      One other though is how long will it us to acquire the basic regalia
      for a Baron and Baroness if the proposal goes through? It would be
      a little embarrassing to send the new Baron and Baroness up to the
      Crown with nothing but good intentions in their hearts.

      Tim Dinan

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, "Sarafina Sinclair"
      <Sarafina.Sinclair@...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone,
      > After having read the documents about the group transition
      process, I
      > believe that the next official step in the process would be for the
      > seneschals of all the groups interested in forming a barony
      > (or principality) to complete a petition and send it to the Crown
      (via the
      > Transititions Office).
      > So, at this point, hopefully all of the groups will have this
      discussion in
      > person at the next several business meetings. Take a vote (however
      > groups decides is fair) and decide if your shire/province wants to
      > to a barony. Have your seneschal confer with the other seneschals.
      There are
      > 8 steps to be followed for baronial advancement and they are quite
      > Please, please, please go and read how it all works so we can be
      armed with
      > knowledge.
      > Here is the link again:
      > http://www.midrealm.org/seneschal/BaronialAdvancement.pdf
      > What would probably also be useful is for us to send our questions
      to the
      > Transitions Officer and have them addressed fully. I am more than
      happy to
      > compile a list of questions and forward them on and then send the
      reply back
      > to the list.
      > When is a realistic date to set for group's to decide if we'd like
      to move
      > forward? Oct 1? I would humbly suggest that the seneschals talk
      > whatever date we set as a group and figure out how many groups
      voted in the
      > affirmative. How many groups do we need to move forward? 4? 5? 6?
      Is it all
      > or nothing? If the area decides to remain as is, what is the time
      frame for
      > asking the question again. 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?
      > Also, make sure you're sharing this with those members not on the
      > We need to hear everyone's voice on this issue.
      > Thanks for listening.
      > Sarafina
      > --
      > The Honourable Lady Sarafina Sinclair, CDH,CE
      > http://ladysarafina.home.att.net
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