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1278Re: Groups Transition Discussion

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  • ayretontownecryer
    Jul 5, 2007

      Group Distances

      Yes, the travel time between groups can be long.  We currently have activities, practices, events and fighter practices in various areas and some things happening in more than one location such as fighter practices.

      TGS Expansion

      This is the concept that TGS stays a Province and each group becomes a Riding.  The question was asked why wasn't this included in the possibilities.  Short answer is because that is first an internal question to be answered by the defined members of TGS first.  We can't force them to accept the other groups and they can't force the other groups to accept them and to my knowledge noone is trying to do either.

      The Process

      Thanks to The Honorable Lady Sarafina Sinclair.  At the beginning of this discussion I provided the link and the documents for the process of Advancement/Staying the same.   I think this discussion has proven one thing and that it is that people are interested in this question and hold strong opinions.  I hope everyone is now more educated and knowledgeable now as well.  Indeed yes, the next step is to poll your own groups at business meetings.

      My humble suggestion is again that we do not have enough actual knowledge and that getting an/the official kingdom transition officer involved now so that we may garner more and more accurate information so each group may make their own well edcuation decisions.  That said if we do wish as the Ayreton Area to become a Barony with more than just one group those groups will need to communicate their intentions to each other as well.  Bring this up at your business meetings, go with your opinions, stand strong in them but do not attempt to force anyone else to follow your opinion.  If you seem to be the only one talking I recommend to you that others may wish to speak as well and so say your peace and let others as well and well, be peaceful about it.

      Of course the discussion is welcome to continue here as are inquiries and announcements.

      Ian the Green

      Ayreton Towne Cryer

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