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1277The Process

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  • Sarafina Sinclair
    Jul 5, 2007
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      (I don't think this went through the first time. I apologize if you
      get this twice).

      Hi Everyone,

      After having read the documents about the group transition process,
      I believe that the next official step in the process would be for
      the seneschals of all the groups interested in forming a barony (or
      principality) to complete a petition and send it to the Crown (via
      the Transititions Office).

      So, at this point, hopefully all of the groups will have this
      discussion in person at the next several business meetings. Take a
      vote (however the groups decides is fair) and decide if your
      shire/province wants to advance to a barony. Have your seneschal
      confer with the other seneschals. There are 8 steps to be followed
      for baronial advancement and they are quite detailed. Please,
      please, please go and read how it all works so we can be armed with

      Here is the link again:

      What would probably also be useful is for us to send our questions
      to the Transitions Officer and have them addressed fully. I am more
      than happy to compile a list of questions and forward them on and
      then send the reply back to the list.

      When is a realistic date to set for group's to decide if we'd like
      to move forward? Oct 1? I would humbly suggest that the seneschals
      talk after whatever date we set as a group and figure out how many
      groups voted in the affirmative. How many groups do we need to move
      forward? 4? 5? 6? Is it all or nothing? If the area decides to
      remain as is, what is the time frame for asking the question again.
      6 months? 1 year? 2 years?

      Also, make sure you're sharing this with those members not on the
      internet. We need to hear everyone's voice on this issue.

      Thanks for listening.

      The Honourable Lady Sarafina Sinclair, CDH,CE
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