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1276Re: [Ayreton] Groups Transition Discussion

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  • kevin purtrell
    Jul 5, 2007
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      The main reason we have so many groups in the area to begin with has to do with travel times. The groups may be close geographically but because of the way highways are laid out and traffic patterns. It may take an hour and a half to two hours to drive from, say, Tree-Girt-Sea to Vanished Woods or Ravens Lake depending on the time of day. This is one of the problems we had when we tried rotating fighting practices. People from one end of Ayreton didn't want to go to the other end because their total travel time was longer than fighting practice was.
      Kevin Ambrozijwski, speaking for himself, not as an Officer.

      James McAdams <jmcadams@...> wrote:
      ayretontownecryer wrote:

      >We have started to discuss two (well three) transitional options.
      >Barony which has several options. Those groups that wish to join
      >get subsumed into one Barony; One group goes Barony and others
      >attach themselves to it; The groups that wish it join together to
      >create a Shell Barony, keeping their individual identities AND
      >getting to play in a Barony. Barony would include at most all the
      >groups currently in the Area (NOT HOUSEHOLD) of Ayreton and not
      >include any groups outside of it.
      >Principality. This could include just those groups in the Area (NOT
      >HOUSEHOLD) of Ayreton and up to the entire Midlands Region.
      I'm curious - has the idea of extending the Province been rejected
      by the residents of Tree-Girt-Sea, or is there a different reason it was
      striken from the possible courses?


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