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1273Re: [Ayreton] Groups Transition Discussion

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  • James McAdams
    Jul 3, 2007
      ayretontownecryer wrote:

      >We have started to discuss two (well three) transitional options.
      >Barony which has several options. Those groups that wish to join
      >get subsumed into one Barony; One group goes Barony and others
      >attach themselves to it; The groups that wish it join together to
      >create a Shell Barony, keeping their individual identities AND
      >getting to play in a Barony. Barony would include at most all the
      >groups currently in the Area (NOT HOUSEHOLD) of Ayreton and not
      >include any groups outside of it.
      >Principality. This could include just those groups in the Area (NOT
      >HOUSEHOLD) of Ayreton and up to the entire Midlands Region.
      I'm curious - has the idea of extending the Province been rejected
      by the residents of Tree-Girt-Sea, or is there a different reason it was
      striken from the possible courses?

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