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1257Principality? No, I think not.

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  • Mike / Kilian
    Jul 3, 2007
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      Can we stop the whole idea of principality before those with
      delusions run too far amuck? First, this is a discussion about
      barony, not anything more or less. This line of discussion is
      diversionary and impeding the active discussion at hand. Second, if
      you review Corpora, we don't really qualify as a principality (IMO, I
      don't want to go into why, as it is a long and moot argument), and it
      would only serve to separate us from the kingdom, not draw us
      together. It might have been a "brainstorming" moment (alternatives
      to barony), but its NOT a good idea. If you don't want a barony,
      just state your reasons and leave it at that. If you do, then become
      active in the process. For that matter, if you don't, then still
      become active in the process. The talk about principality, though,
      is counterproductive and leads us astray from the matters at hand.

      Sir Kilian
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