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1256Re: Questions about baronies

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  • ayretontownecryer
    Jul 3, 2007


      No, you do not have to have a Barony to play nice together.  In fact we are and have been doing so.  I think many people recognize that we do.  However, you do need to play nice together as groups who wish to join, create or be a part of a Barony.  Thus the Area of Ayreton meets this requirement.


      In my mind this falls into two categories.

      1 - Area recognition.  How well is the area recognized outside the area and what is the opinion of the area from the outside of the area. 

      2 - Personal recognition.  Will having a Baron and Baroness bring greater recognition to local individuals.  Almost certainly yes.  After all the Barony is their area of focus and as that area is smaller than the kingdom there will be more recognition recieved by those within the Barony.  Will there be more Kingdom level recognition of individuals with a Barony?  Perhaps.  I would THINK (don't know but it makes sense) that if the Baron and/or Baroness write a letter to the crown asking the crown to recognize someone that that letter would hold more weight than say the average Joe/Jane SCAdian.  Does it gaurantee it?  No.   And what have you lost if that doesn't work?  That is something for each of us to answer ourselves.


      I had said that there were two (really three) topics for transitioning.   I never mentioned the 3rd one.  The other topic is of course to not transition into another type of group.


      I again reiterate my willingness to contact the appropriate Kingdom Level Officer(s) so that we may work with fact and current information instead of the well intentioned rumor and conjecture we currently have.

      Ian the Green

      Ayreton Towne Cryer

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