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1255Groups Transition Discussion

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  • ayretontownecryer
    Jul 3, 2007
      Greetings unto the populace of the Area (NOT HOUSEHOLD) of Ayreton
      and unto all others to whom these presents may come,

      We seem to have reached the point where the conversational ground is
      becoming well plowed so to speak. We now have some of the same
      people saying the same thing in different ways. People are
      discussing rumor as if it were fact and whilst it may be "on good
      word" rumor it is still merely rumor and until we get an official
      word from an official person with the official authority to give
      official word it shall stay as rumor.

      We have started to discuss two (well three) transitional options.

      Barony which has several options. Those groups that wish to join
      get subsumed into one Barony; One group goes Barony and others
      attach themselves to it; The groups that wish it join together to
      create a Shell Barony, keeping their individual identities AND
      getting to play in a Barony. Barony would include at most all the
      groups currently in the Area (NOT HOUSEHOLD) of Ayreton and not
      include any groups outside of it.

      Principality. This could include just those groups in the Area (NOT
      HOUSEHOLD) of Ayreton and up to the entire Midlands Region.

      Problems we are facing.

      1) Simply put we do NOT have enough formal information on the
      subject. It seems to me that we would all benefit from creating
      contact with those officers of the Middle Kingdom who have the
      authority to discuss and inform us of what "the real deal" is.
      Until we do this, we have well intentioned but still unofficial
      rumor and conjecture based on rumor.

      I strongly recommend that everyone who participates in this
      discussion please read the documents associated with baronial
      advancement and polling therefor as well as the documents associated
      with polling for a Baron and/or Baroness. They are in the files

      If people would like I can locate and make contact with the
      appropriate Kingdom Level Officer(s) and see if they are able to
      give us the information we are lacking in a format accesable to
      everyone interested.

      2) Tempers seem to be beginning to fray potentially. You may
      personally have a strong opinion on any given topic of this
      discussion. Thats a good thing. Please try to remember though that
      you may be the only or just one a few who hold that opinion.
      Repeating yourself, even in different ways, creates an unhealthy
      environment for discussion. Also please try to voice your opinions
      with, "I feel" and "I believe" and that will help clue everyone else
      that it is your opinion not a statement of fact. And remember, we
      can, and should in this discussion, agree to disagree.

      Ian the Green
      Ayreton Towne Cryer
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