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1247Re: [Ayreton] Re: Questions about principality

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  • spdesroches@att.net
    Jul 2, 2007

      Opinions here, and info next.


           A principality would be a shortcut fraught with peril. Although it would sidestep the problem of maintaining TGS's status of Province, it would engender seperatist fears from the Midlands, and possibly even the Kingdom. No group in the history of the Midrealm has gone Principality without then proceeding to independent kingdom.

         I'll have more info from some of the folks from the Shell Barony of Brendoken on the next post. I just got back from RUM there, and spoke to a few of the principle people who helped create it. Very informative!




      -------------- Original message from Steven Krause <s_krause@...>: --------------

      At the risk of there being a later reponse than this.....

      Some years ago there were serious conversations at the Kingdom curia
      level about whether one of the ways to make the Midlands a bit more
      'workable' (my term, not theirs) was to create it as a principality, one
      never intended to become a kingdom. It's not a heretical thought, but I
      suspect you'll only find support for it as the entire Midlands, not just
      everything North of I-80.

      Dietrich von Andernach

      Drew Nicholson wrote:
      > If we're going to consider that, we should be considering the entire
      > region, not the NE chunk of IL. We don't have the fighters, the
      > peers, or the populace to support a principality, PLUS that would
      > defacto pull our out of the Midlands Region. No, thanks.
      > On 6/29/07, *Dougal MacAlister* <scadougal@yahoo. com
      > <mailto:scadougal@yahoo. com>> wrote:
      > "Principality. ...now that's something I've never thought of.
      > What, uhm, how,. Wow. Now that's something to think over.
      > Do we have the Population, as far as the BoD / Society level
      > requirements are concerned, to pull that off?
      > Lord Dougal MacAlister the Tardy
      > --

      Steven Krause Dietrich von Andernach
      Harried Engineer Captain of the Red Company
      So Many Things, So Little Time

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