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1244Re: [Ayreton] Baronial question group discussion

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  • Scribesquire@comcast.net
    Jul 2, 2007
      My understandings and opinions on your questions are below:
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      From: TCD3125@...

      First is do we want to have Ayreton transition from a household to a barony?
         > I was under the impression that this is what each individual group needs 
         > to be discussing and deciding that groups opinion on.
      Second if so what form of barony, Shell, hub and spoke?
          > If enough groups decide yes, then this woudl be the next issue to be
          > discussed but I have been under the opinion that a Shell was the only
          > proposal a majority would consider.
      Third how will the vote be done, each group individually or as one large group vote? (This is important if we need to be worried about continuity and also individual group preferences)
           > Each group indivudally since those groups have to decide if they want
           > to be part of this or not.
      Forth what does each group want to get out of the barony?
          > Why is this a question?  The pro's and con's of being part of
          > or not part of have been listed here and would apply to each
          > group, maybe not in equal importance.....
      Fifth what is each group willing to give or give up to the barony?
          > This is pretty self explanatory.
      Sixth what time frame are we looking at to do this in?
          > Time frame is not something easily worked on outside of the initial
          > group voting.  Assuming enough groups say yes, then there are steps that
          > would need to be done and those could go quickly or not, depending
           > on how many people were involved and how hard they worked.  Then
           > there is how long kingdom would take to do thier end.
      I hope that these questions will help each group a starting point for discussion of seeing if each group wants to do this and why they want to do this.  For this to work we will need a consensus from all and not just the will of a few.  And with the repercussions if Ayreton tries to transition to a Barony and fails being so high if this is what is wanted we need to make sure we do it correct.
      Tim Dinan
      TCD3125@aol. com

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