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1224RE: [Ayreton] barony/province/duchy/canton/laander/very small rocks question

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  • elliot liebson
    Jun 29, 2007
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      --I like this discussion, but I am wondering if we could have a region-wide
      moot (insert term of choice here) expresslly and solely for the purpose of
      discussing this issue? I think it would be very productive to have as many
      well-informed bodies in the room as possible bouncing ideas off one another,
      and perhaps, if we are lucky, come up with a proposal or three for the
      populace to consider. That does NOT necessarily mean having formal
      petitions for everyone; it could simply be: 'we came up with these three
      ideas that the discussiongroup generally can live with: what do you think?'

      Here's a question: supposing that did happen, and proposals were made, and
      discussed among the various groups, and suppose one or two received strong
      consensus. What then? Do they go to the Crown and the BoD? do said bodies
      have to review these things before the populace discusses them? Again I
      apologize for nit-pickiness, but I'm starting to shift into the
      OK-lets-move-into-more-action-and-less-discussion mode. My sense is that
      there is at least an interest in having serious discussion, and I don't see
      that an internet listserve, however well-done, will move the conversation
      forward to next steps. (and if I'm wrong or out of turn feel free to give
      me a smack-on-head). So again; shall we have a Big Meeting (tm)? if it's
      on the weekend I'll even (gulp) volunteer to take notes and help moderate
      (this is part of what I do for a living). What say you all?

      (PS: adding yet another level of complexity: would NW indiana be included?)


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