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1191Re: Ayreton baronial question

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  • Valerie
    Jun 29, 2007
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      Well I can attempt to asnwer some of those questions.

      > --I'm wondering if a shell barony would address the local group power
      > issues. All groups would have the opportunity to submit input for
      > of baron and baroness (who could be from any one of the groups in

      Yes and keep in mind the baron and baroness don't need to be from the
      same group. They could be opposite ends of the barony all they have
      to do it run together.

      > and we could designate certain events as 'baronial level' events
      > Skirmish and TGS 12th night come to mind, and I'm sure there are
      others), at
      > which there would be baronial court.

      Yep yep. There can be a lot of fun with these things too. As for
      event stuff at Warriors and Warlords each year at least on the rapier
      field there is a Baroness whim tourney. Which is typically thought up
      by a few of the rapier fighters and baroness to create different and
      interesting tournies and melees each year. I know last year was a
      blast playing frog ball melee :)

      > However; would there be a baronial bureaucracy? for example, a
      > exchequer? I bring that title up because the money issue is
      probably going
      > to be one of the first ones raised.

      Don't know bout this one :)

      Also, on a more mundane level, who
      > keeps the baronial regalia (such as there is)?
      I'd suspect that baron and baroness would have some of it and and
      thrones or other things would depending on the baron and baroness
      either stay one place in storage ot travel with them as they please.

      Is there a baronial meeting
      > site?

      Not as of yet again up to the baron and baroness. They may call
      baronial meetings in one place or they may travel to other groups
      group meetings.

      Does it change with the baron/baroness?
      Possibly. Who ever the first couple is will likely set the standards
      for how things will run in the area. I'm sure who is ever picked will
      do their utmost to try to acomodate as many folk as they can.

      At Pennsic, Lillies, Gulf
      > Wars, etc., do we go to war as the barony, or as our individual
      groups? Do
      > we camp together?Fight together?

      Anyone can camp where they wish but I'm sure a baronial encampent
      would likely be set up for anyone who wanted to. Good chance that at
      places like gulfwars the barony might just camp with midlands and have
      their own area within that encampment as well. Then we are together
      with most of the fighters in the midlands which tend to fight with
      each other (outside of households that is) and our own subgroups tend
      to fight with eachother as well.

      At least these are my thoughts on the matter. And as always no one is
      required to do anything that don't wish too. :)

      Moira O'Dorran

      > I know that these are nit-picky questions, but having put more than
      one not
      > for profit together, I have found that getting these questions answered
      > satisfactorily upfront makes everyone happier later on. And I
      certainly do
      > not have the answers myself; we all do.
      > Salamon
      > (of course if we established a duchy instead of a barony, then we
      would be a
      > royal shell duchy. On second thought, let's not; people will just
      ask us
      > for oil.)
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