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1151Re: [Ayreton] Crown tourney bid?

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  • Wendy Pastrick
    Jun 27, 2007
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      First, I'm changing the topic of this thread.

      Second, my opinion would also be to host a really
      awesome Crown Tourney. Now, whether that's at the Tues
      night practice site or not is a whole different
      question. I feel we can most certainly come up with a
      Spring Crown Tourney site around Chicagoland that even
      has camping options, etc; something which typically
      does draw folks in and doesn't require a hundred hotel
      room stays.

      Also keep in mind that any Spring Crown also includes
      Kingdom A&S on Saturday, then the Crown Tourney on

      It is always Memorial Day Weekend.

      We might even be able to use the Boy Scout camp that
      TGS had several years ago....

      Just some thoughts,


      --- Dayle Harding <acelinaofderelei@...> wrote:

      > Just to add to what Ian said. The kingdom requires
      > a sponsoring group and an autocrat. The kingdom
      > sends a confirmation of the sponsorship to the
      > seneschal of that local group. However, there is no
      > problem with having multiple groups chip in
      > financially, and help out in all ways. That's how
      > we did the Ayreton event...it was technically
      > co-sponsored by Grey Gargoyles and Ravenslake.
      > Acelina
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