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1111RE: [Ayreton] Re: [ShireofRavenslake] FW: Border Skirmish - rope needed for games

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  • Dolores Becker
    Jun 20, 2007
      Well, the rope I have is neither hemp, manila, nor sisal, nor is it new, nor is it that thick, but it will be at the event and y'all can use it or not as you see fit.  It's long enough, I reckon, I just don't know if it's heavy enough. 


      "Mike C. Baker" <KiheBard@...> wrote:
      While not the event organizer / games coordinator, I know a little about this one:
      good tug-of-war rope is natural fiber at least 1 3/4 inch diameter, preferably closer to 2 inch, and should be at least five feet long per team member PLUS fifteen or twenty feet for the neutral area, ends, etc. 
      Hemp or manila are usually best -- avoid sisal (splinters, badly).  Splice/whip the ends, and (ideally) use it for other purposes in advance:  brand-new ropes are VERY rough on the hands, gloves are essential safety gear.
      Thirty or forty, even as recently as twenty, years ago or so a hundred feet of *good* well-broken- in tug rope accommodating two teams of 8 could easily run $200 - $300 dollars, if you could find it -- or it could be free for hauling away if one was in the right place at the right time, when people were converting from rope to more chains, steel cable, or nylon/poly webbing.
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      What kind of rope?

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