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109Please plunder us

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  • Alan Terlep
    Jun 17, 2006
      Constance and I have packed up a bunch of stuff that needs a home. We
      will give any and all of the following items to anyone who is willing to
      show up to our house in Hyde Park and get them:

      1 green and yellow great kilt & two matching shirts
      1 purple and yellow great kilt & two matching shirts
      (these kilts are huge pieces of plaid fabric. You need to pleat them
      yourself. If I can do it, you can too).
      4-5 outfits (pants and tunic) for a young boy (7-11, depending on size)
      2 dresses: purple brocade & blue wool
      5-6 tunics & a cloak appropriate for Gold Key
      3 sewing machines and a serger, none completely functional, all repairable

      If you want to get any of this, send me an email. On June 26 it goes away.