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1060Re: [Ayreton] Practice this Sunday

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  • Christian Fournier
    Jun 8, 2007
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           Thank You Warder Christian for setting this up.

      It's entirely self-serving:  I'm missing Rose Tourney, and I want to FIGHT this weekend!  :)

      Let me check the availability of the Church in case it rains.

      Sounds like a good back-up plan.  

      On the Gargoyles list, where I crossposted my original message, Moira O'Dorran wrote:
      I propose Welles park that is between montrose, western, and lincoln
      on the north side. It's right across the street from my house so
      there will be access to clean bathrooms(or you can use the parks or
      library), water available, and a theres plenty of tree's to fight in
      the shade. Plus there is a magnitude of great pubs and restraunts to
      go to afterwords for anyone so inclined.

      It's a bit further from the freeway (2.7 miles, as opposed to 1.2 miles), but a very nice park in a good part of town.  The field-house is pleasant, and has ample (and clean) changing rooms.  

      So, this Sunday, I'll be at Welles Park, near the field-house (northeast corner of the park), from 1 until 5 pm.  If anybody wants to fight (rattan or rapier), meet me there.  Otherwise, I'll bring a book...  :)

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