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1057Re: [Ayreton] Practice this Sunday

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  • kevin purtrell
    Jun 8, 2007
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           Thank You Warder Christian for setting this up.
      Let me check the availability of the Church in case it rains. I'll also contact Sir Kilian,
      TGS Knights Marshal,  in case he is not on this list.
          Unfortunately, I may not be able to make it as Phebe is making me a new fencing
      zupan and Mistress Juliana might need me there.
          Before TGS canceled Sunday practice in preference to Grey Gargoyles, we used this
      site all the time. If it is warm there will be a lot of people using the pool and parking
      could be tricky. The best bet is to show up early.
      THL Kevin Ambrozijwski, Incunabula Pursuivant   

      Christian Fournier <cf@...> wrote:
      It looks like Ida Noyes won't be available this weekend, but that's
      no excuse to miss a practice!

      In the past, we've met at Portage Park, between Irving Park Road and
      Berteau Ave, just west of 90/94. Parking has generally been good,
      though the bathrooms/changing rooms are a bit of a ways. There are
      also other parks near there-- if there's ANY interest in holding a
      practice on the North Side this Sunday, I'll confirm availability of
      space and restroom/changing rooms at some of the parks near Portage
      (with easier access to restrooms), and post results here by Friday

      I admit that I'm partial to the general vicinity of "Irving Park at
      I-90" because it's near where I live. If anyone has a request for
      another park, let me know, and I'll look into changing facilities,
      space to fight, and parking. Lemme know neighborhoods and/or
      desirable features that will convince YOU to come out and keep ME in
      shape for war season! :)

      Christian Fournier

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