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1056Practice this Sunday

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  • Christian Fournier
    Jun 7, 2007
      It looks like Ida Noyes won't be available this weekend, but that's
      no excuse to miss a practice!

      In the past, we've met at Portage Park, between Irving Park Road and
      Berteau Ave, just west of 90/94. Parking has generally been good,
      though the bathrooms/changing rooms are a bit of a ways. There are
      also other parks near there-- if there's ANY interest in holding a
      practice on the North Side this Sunday, I'll confirm availability of
      space and restroom/changing rooms at some of the parks near Portage
      (with easier access to restrooms), and post results here by Friday

      I admit that I'm partial to the general vicinity of "Irving Park at
      I-90" because it's near where I live. If anyone has a request for
      another park, let me know, and I'll look into changing facilities,
      space to fight, and parking. Lemme know neighborhoods and/or
      desirable features that will convince YOU to come out and keep ME in
      shape for war season! :)

      Christian Fournier
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