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1048Glenbrook North High School

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  • Tedesco da Venezia
    Jun 5, 2007
      Captain Liam Martini, the man responsible for getting the Ayreton Carnivale site, would like to have the following announced to the Chicago area SCA groups:

      Glenbrook North High School is NOT freely available for us to hold events at whenever we want.  If you would like to hold an event there, you will have to go through the proper channels and rent the facilities.  The fieldhouse rental fee is $1500, and each gymnasium is $400 per day.  There are additional fees for other facilities, and mandatory custodial fees that depend on amount of space rented, number of people attending, etc.  Anyone who has been involved in planning events in this area will tell you that this is not an unreasonable price for a facility of this size.  Finally, you MUST be (or have) a resident of Northbrook in order to rent the school.

      Thank you
      ~Tedesco da Venezia~
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