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1022***Last Dance Practice of the Semester, Tues May 29***

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  • Teleri
    May 28, 2007
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      The end of the U of Chicago semester is coming up, so this is our last dance practice for our current space and schedule. We're going to make it a bit of an occasion, so we are encouraging folks to come in garb. If anyone would like to bring snacks, or anything else to add to the festivities, please do.

      We have been trying to get an estimate of attendance for the summer, so that we can set our schedule. If you haven't been coming to dance practice currently, but think you would be able to during the summer, please let me know off-list.

      **Location and Schedule**

      Schedule: Tues, May 29, 7 to 9 pm

      Location: University of Chicago Campus, Burton-Judson dormitory, 1005 E. 60th Street.
      http://maps. uchicago. edu/south/
      We are in the Lounge, which is on the far side of the building. Go across the 1st courtyard into the second, and diagonally across the second and up the stairs (about where the "L" in "Law" is on the map).

      If you have problems finding or getting in the dorm, call our Student Representative, Caillech (Caitlin) on her cell (510) 520-0969, and she'll help you out.

      **Other details**

      You do not need to bring a partner to dance...
      Everyone from the Chicago region (and beyond) is invited...
      You may dress in street clothes or in garb...
      Beginners and Experts, as well as anyone in between, are needed and welcomed...

      For questions or last minute updates:

      Teleri (Sharon): 847 - 797 - 5717 (home)
      alta_gioiosa AT yahoo DOT com

      Yours in Service,

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