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  • David Roland
    May 27, 2007
      Remember when developing a persona you aren't recreating a person
      who actually lived. Instead you are creating someone who could have
      lived in the period of the SCA. That is, by Corpora, Pre 17th
      century pretty much anywhere in the world. The further you get away
      from Europe though the less likely you are to find others like your

      If you're going to limit your persona around your name, a very
      common and some would say wise decision, you can be from anywhere
      and anytime (pre 17th century) where your name(s) were known, or
      likely, to have existed. You are not stuck with just the specific
      town/village/city you have proof it was found in.

      Likely if your name was used in a village in France there are other
      parts of France as well as Germany and England that perhaps Italy
      that used that name. Remember today's borders do NOT replecate well
      borders in period.

      Those are some general answers.

      I'll leave it to someone who does names and places to answer more
      specifically. You can also ask for help from your groups herald.
      Even if they don't know the answer, they are likely to have handy
      resources to help you find the answers.

      Best of Luck

      Ian the Green

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, "ladyscribe07" <ladyscribe07@...>
      > Hello all,
      > I have some general questons on persona and name origin.
      > I already have my name approved but I wanted to build my persona
      > my name. I know there was an Eleanor of Sudley in 1361 but for
      > in my last name Ravenild I cannot find anything. I know it came
      > Reaney's book Dictionary of Names or something like that. Are
      > some other sources online since I cannot get this book of Reaney's?
      > I do have the questionare from some source. I can say for now that
      > Eleanor lived in Sudley, but as for the last name, not sure yet.
      > someone help me on this?
      > Lady Eleanor Ravenild
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