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1010Trimarin looking to relocate to Chicagoland, needs help

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  • nadezda_zezastrizl
    May 25, 2007
      I recieved this post, and since I know no one off the top of my
      head, this seemed the most efficient way to help out this gentle.
      Her personal email address is at the end --Nadezda


      I have recently relocated to the Chicago area from the Barony of
      Darkwater, Kingdom of Trimaris (Orlando, FL). I am looking forward
      to getting involved in the SCA up here.

      However, I was wondering if you might be able to help me out. I
      moved in with a friend up in Vernon Hills and have 2 strong job
      prospects, however, my friend recently was rediagnosed with cancer
      and needs me out of her home to make room for a family member that
      is going to come help her. Do you know of anyone in the area who
      has a spare room that could take in one person and 4 cats (clean,
      litterbox trained and will stay within the confines of the room)
      for, at most, one month? I had so desired to enter the SCA up here
      on a better foot, however, circumstances have seriously gone south.
      I don't have much money at the moment, but I'm willing to help with
      household chores, cooking and anything else that might be needed
      (and I can provide my own food and necessary items) until I can
      start paying money towards my stay out of my first paycheck. My 2
      job prospects are in Arlington Heights and Glenview.

      I am open to any suggestions as this is a potentially disastrous
      situation. I can also provide references (however, everyone is at
      kingdom crown lyste this weekend...) via email & phone numbers,
      should it be requested.

      I thank you for your time,

      HL Tat'iana Aleksandrovna Ragozina
      mka Carolyn Lane