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1004Re: [Ayreton] 7 1/2 halberd Question

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  • Sir Ix
    May 21, 2007
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      Re: [Ayreton] 7 1/2 halberd Question
      Sounds like it-- though you have some options, still:  First, send an email to  LiliesMarshal@...   and ask if all weapons must follow Calontir's handbook.  It's possible that a weapon built to the Society rule may be allowed, given how many people come to Lillies from other Kingdoms.

      I can state that armor is allowed by the kingdom of residence, but weapons must meet Calontir standards

      Second, if you need this weapon to be Calontir-legal, consider building an 18" striking surface (must be padded), with the 7" axe head as a protruding part of that.  Won't so much look like any weapon I've ever seen, but it'll give you what you want and fit their rules.

      This is the only way I know how to do this in Calontir.

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