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Notes and updates

Hello Ayreton, A couple of points of interest.... * We need to start planning on the largesse items for baroness wars....I have a plan! (Kind of like the
Baronage Ayreton
Apr 11

Looking for a few good people

Greetings good people of the Ayreton, We are looking for people to retain for Their Excellencies Ayreton at Rites of Spring 2017 - Springtime Foolishness
J. Tucker
Apr 4

Fwd: Thank you from Elaine Ladd

... From: Lynn M To: Jeffnaggie@... ; Foxvale ; Baronage Ayreton
Apr 2

File - Group Policy.txt

The Ayreton Yahoo! Group is used to post news, make announcements, and for discussion of interest to all groups in the Chicago area. We encourage all people
Mar 31

File - Feature Reminder.txt

This is a periodic message sent to let Ayreton members know about the Yahoo! Group features and as a reminder to keep its information up to date. If you are a
Mar 31

We are looking for you!

Greetings good people of the Ayreton, We are looking for people to retain for 2 hrs for Their Excellencies at Stone Dog Inn - Event on April 1st. This event
J. Tucker
Mar 28

Charter Review Officer Transitions

It was recently discovered that there was a great deal of confusion over the section of the Baronial Charter related to officer transitions. We want to
Baronage Ayreton
Mar 28

Ayreton Passport Program

Good evening Ayreton, For those who were not able to attend Scribin and Imbibin court, I bring you information about the Ayreton Passport. Passports were
Baronage Ayreton
Mar 22

Re: Next Baronial Moot: Sunday, March 26th

Greetings again, If you have anything special you would like to have on the agenda for the moot on Sunday (not counting officer reports or and event report),
Terry Doner
Mar 22

Next Baronial Moot: Sunday, March 26th

Greetings, My apologies as I posted this to only the Book of Faces and not here. We will be having the quarterly Baronial business meeting on Sunday, March
Terry Doner
Mar 19

Looking for a few good people this weekend

Greetings good people, We are looking for people to retain for 2 hrs for Their Excellencies Ayreton at Scribin' and' Imbibin III.- Event on March 18th. This
J. Tucker
Mar 13

Fwd: [Brick-Oven] Looking for potential 1-day class hosts around the

Would anyone be interested in attending an oven-building class? I got a spot for one in my back yard.... Ghita
Susan Earley
Mar 10

Re: Largess and scrollcases

Way cool! Thanks so much! Fern de la Foret Barony of Ayreton Chicago, IL Middle Kingdom From: "kateslists kateslists@... [Ayreton]"
Mar 10

Friendly reminder - Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday

Don’t forget, this weekend Daylight Saving Time Begins this Sunday at 2am and clocks roll forward 1 hour. Don’t be late! [image: Inline image 1] In
    Alexander Adelbrecht
    Mar 10
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    Re: Largess and scrollcases

    I can donate fabric. I might have some time too. Bojei Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy Tablet ...   I love making scrollcases to give away! How about a
    Mar 9
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