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Little Women’s North American Tour Be gins Tonight

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    The Brooklyn-based quartet Little Women , featuring Travis Laplante (tenor saxophone), Darius Jones (alto saxophone),
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2010
      The Brooklyn-based quartet Little Women, featuring Travis Laplante (tenor saxophone), Darius Jones (alto saxophone), Andrew Smiley (guitar) and Jason Nazary (drums), will kick-off its latest North American tour tonight in Northampton, Massachusetts.

      This series of performances, which will be followed by a hometown CD release concert on April 29th and a European tour in May, are in support of the band’s full-length debut, Throat (AUM Fidelity), which officially hits the streets April 13th.

      Complete Spring 2010 Itinerary:

      04/01 :: King Street Manor (Northampton, MA)
      04/02 ::
      Random House (Ottawa, ON)
      04/03 :: Teranga (Toronto, ON)
      04/04 :: East Village Arts Co-Op (East London, ON)
      04/05 :: Soundlab (Buffalo, NY)
      04/06 ::
      Louie’s Trophy House Bar & Grill (Kalamazoo, MI)
      04/07 :: The Hideout (Chicago, IL)
      04/08 :: The Velvet Lounge (Chicago, IL)
      04/09 :: Bela Dubby (Lakewood, OH)
      04/10 ::
      The Shop (Pittsburgh, PA)
      04/11 :: The Windup Space (Baltimore, MD)

      04/29 :: Bruar Falls (Brooklyn, NY)

      05 May :: Jazzclub Neue Tonne (Dresden, Germany)
      06 May :: Jazzclub Hipnoza (Katowice, Poland)
      07 May :: Stadtwerkstatt (Linz, Austria)
      08 May :: JazzDock (Prague, Czech Republic)
      09 May :: Black Box at cuba-cultur (Münster, Germany)
      10 May :: WORM (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
      11 May :: Voorhuit (Gent, Belgium)
      12 May :: Bunker Ulmenwall (Bielefeld, Germany)
      13 May :: Lades (Copenhagen, Denmark)
      14 May :: Café Lobby (Århus, Denmark)

      Learn more about Little Women in this video retrospective.
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