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LSG New Music Series 3/12/09

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  • Rent Romus
    ******************************** Outsound & Luggage Store Present The New Music Series 03/12/09 The Luggage Store Gallery 1007 Market St. @ 6th St San
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2009
      Outsound & Luggage Store Present
      The New Music Series
      The Luggage Store Gallery
      1007 Market St. @ 6th St
      San Francisco, California USA
      Thursday, March 12 2009 8:00 PM

      8pm: Jameson Swanagon - guitar
      9pm: The Pmocatat (prerecorded music onto cds and tapes and things) Ensemble

      For the past three years, guitarist, Jameson Swanagon, has been performing two types of solo pieces. The first are concise, tightly composed, songs that sit like a toy in the listener's lap. The other pieces are dense, freely improvised, misinterpretations of the blues.
      Jameson is a member of the Bay Area indie-rock quartet, Grand Lake (500 Records). And can be heard on Anthony Colman's 2007 release, Lapidation (New World Records).
      He studied guitar with Joe Morris and composition with Anthony Coleman at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston. Jameson resides with his wife, Danae, in San Francisco.

      The Pmocatat Ensemble
      The Pmocatat Ensemble records the sounds of their instruments onto various forms of consumer-ready media. (Pmocatat stands for "prerecorded music on cds and tapes and things".) Then, they improvise using only the recorded media. Several different pieces will explore both the different arrangements of recorded instruments and the sound modulation possibilities of the different recording media.
      Amar Chaudhary: iPhone of various Indian traditional folk instruments
      Matt Davignon: CDs/Tapes of acoustic guitar/percussion/glockenspeil/accordion
      James Goode: Tapes of hammond organ and percussion
      John Hanes: iPod of percussion/other instruments
      Suki O'Kane: CDs/Tapes of percussion/marimba/other instruments
      Sarah Stiles: Tapes of piano/violin
      Rent Romus: Tapes of saxophones/flute
      C. P. Wilsea - Tapes of cello/guitar/glockenspiel/percussion
      Michael Zelner: iPod of clarinets/other instruments

      $6-10 sliding
      Outsound Presents is a leading SF based emerging non-profit volunteer
      collective of explorative sound artists who, among other things, are
      involved in running performance venues, recording labels, and other
      D.I.Y. endeavors.
      The Luggage Store Gallery is a non-profit art organization that graciously
      provides venue support.
      For Gallery info tel: 415.255.5971;
      For booking email Rent Romus: rentromus@...
      To get to the LSG New Music Series take BART to the Powell street station
      and walk a little over a block to 6th & Market. Parking is best on Mission
      between 6th & 7th Sts. for more info visit:
      Series Calendar:

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