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Noise in a Cage & Madness from Outer Space!

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  • King Seesar
    Hi there mailing list folks! As always, if you don t want to be on this list, just let me know. This list is for noise events and related film presentations of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2009
      Hi there mailing list folks!

      As always, if you don't want to be on this list, just let me know. This
      list is for noise events and related film presentations of interest to
      those that have signed up for this list or similar ones.

      This week in the world of Seesar:

      *Saturday 7 Febrauary: Live at the Bird Cage with Steve Beresford and
      John Butcher!*

      This is going to be a great show! Saturday night, I get to sit in with
      improv greats, Steve Bersford playing electronics and John Butcher
      working us over with his saxes, including some feedback weirdness and
      all sorts of squeaks, screeches, dings, rattles, bangs, and other fun
      sounds created by household items and more-or-less standard percussion
      generated by yours truly! I believe there is also going to be some local
      film makers shows some shorts and there is a full bar, open kitchen, and
      a nice warm atmosphere upstairs at the Bird Cage. Great place to go!
      This show is sponsored by Tower of Music studios and the Lost and Found
      Department productions.

      Doors at 19:00
      Show at 20:00
      £3 (concs?)
      Bird Cage, one black north of Stoke Newington Rail Station, N16
      (big green building, go in the pub and the stairs are at the back near
      the side street.)

      Visit Tower of Music at, as you may expect, http://www.towerofmusic.com
      Monday 9 February: Film Night at Pangea Project featuring Sun Ra!*

      This round of viewings at Pangea Project will include the uncut, rarely
      seen, sci-fi blaxploitation, musical extravaganza /*Space is the
      Place*/, featuring the music of, written by (in part), and starring Sun
      Ra! If you are unfamiliar with this film, it is so far out, that even I
      think it's strange! Fabulous sound track, and even greater sets with
      out-dated, but very strong political and anti-racist statements
      presented through odd science fiction settings backed up with a heavy
      importance placed on music. This movie is NOT a bad movie, like I
      usually show, but it is so bizarre in places that I simply HAVE to
      present this one! A great influence on me musically (as well as many of
      us out there), and this version was never shown in the states. About 25
      minutes of extra footage some of you may have not seen before! DON'T

      As per the last few showings, I will also present two episodes of
      Japanese rubber monster madness, Spectreman, complete with low-budget
      creatures, incorrect dubbing, and fantastic 60s go go and nationalistic

      Doors at 19:00
      Screening at 19:45
      Admission Free, snacks and full bar available at the venue
      Pangea Project is located two blocks north of Stoke Newington Rail
      Station, N16, right across the street from Morrison's and just a few
      doors up from Bird Cage

      You can start following my movie madness by visiting
      http://schlockattack.bravehost.com , visiting
      http://www.squidoo.com/schlockattack , or by going to my new bad movie
      myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/schlock_attack (under construction)
      Vultures in the studio!*

      In other noise news, dark ambient improv noise makers, Vultures, just
      had a few days in the studio generating tracks for multiple upcoming
      releases. Mrs.Vee records has just released their new compilation disc
      entitled Manfesto and the Vultures track included thereon features
      Columbian composer/performer Jade Dante. Coming up in March and April
      will be releases by Against the Stream Records, Love Torture records,
      and the Tursa label. We had a great time making these tracks! Some of
      them feature Dan Beattie who sat in with us playing guitar and Scott
      Robinson playing piano and homemade electronics. Look for some of our
      typical long ambient tracks as well as a 15sec piece for an Andy Warhol
      tribute album and some 4-6 min parametred pieces.

      Check our some of the tracks soon on http://www.myspace.com/justvultures
      or visit Classwar Karaoke, Against the Stream, Lore Torture Records,
      Tursa, or Mrs. Vee on myspace.

      Please feel free to pass this info on to anyone whom you think would
      enjoy hearing about these super fun noise making events!

      Thanks everyone and see you soon! Cheers!

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